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Last night though.

Last night though.

"I’ve lost control of all the little things because I’m too busy trying to master the bigger things."

Lilly Singh (aka IISuperwomanII)

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Thanks for the tag myurlsaysnothingaboutme

So basics, you’re just supposed to post 6 selfies and then tag people :)

I tag:

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18 going on 8 #achildatheart

18 going on 8 #achildatheart


You say not all men are monsters?

Imagine a bowl of M&Ms. 10% of them are poisoned.

Go ahead. Eat a handful.

Not all M&Ms are poison.


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If I was an author, I’d go into bookstores and find the shelf with my books, randomly sign one, and put it back on the shelf to be sold. 

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Goodbye, Canada

Goodbye, Canada

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Vasuki, only child, 18 years old. England. Tamil & Proud, Born in Germany.
True Love ♥ Music ♪♫, Books, Family & Friends, Bookworm, Potterhead, Delena Shipper, Directioner, Sheerio, Barb, Travis Garland crazy, the list could go on and on..
If you need to talk, I'll always be here.
I usually follow back! :)

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